Thursday, March 27, 2008

Just another cruel day

A nice chilly weather with a sun shining on a melting snow that makes you feel like you're in the heaven.
Everything was so dangerously bright that it was possible to get blind :)
Now the horror part coming :) Everyone who's under 18 and have unstable mentality please close your browser :)
In my way to work I've met 2 little boys (10-13 years old) that were playing around with a snow and with..
a dead crow.. i was like o_O
Mby that poor crow was alive before one of the boys made a finishing hit. That was very cruel. He held the
crow for a wing and... nah, i better stop it.

Where does it come from ?
I mean the cruelty in a little boys heart.
If i were one of theirs parents i would kill both of these 'non-humans' and then i would make a suicide :)
Coz there should be no place for these kind of people !



Anonymous said...

Do you post videos with sex with animals?

Babai said...

Where are your girlfriend's naked pics?

darky said...

2Anonymous: No, i dont

2babai: Mm, you can search for them, and if u find something, post the link here :)