Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I cant get no sleep

Surprise, Surprise!
It's 4:15 here @ my place.
What do you think i've been doing ? I bet you'll never guess :)
I've been watching great movie which is number one in IMDB rating at the moment.
It's "The Shawshank Redemption"
Ooohh my good.
What a nice skills of acting from Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins (mby the best act he ever did)
How could i skip that peace of brilliant art.
Actually i've got an answer on that. Mby, coz i was 5 when the movie was released =)
Alrighty, time to sleep now, i guess :)
Mby i'll tell you 'bout my life next time, mby not. Who knows what or when i'll post something here again.. =)


I'd like to think that the last thing that went through his head, other than that bullet, was to wonder how the hell Andy Dufresne ever got the best of him

-- Red (Freeman)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Simon's cat post

Hola, people!
Just some funny, adorable videos coming in this post.

Hot Spot

Fly guy

Let me in

Ahh, aren't those videos cuute? :D

Monday, September 28, 2009

DnB mood

Tell me what's on your mind?
Or, well, never mind, just wanted to say that phrase :D ihihi! :D
Heeeyy, mates!
Just came back from school (actually it's high school, but i like to call it that way coz "high" means something special to me :D.. hah), had some snack.. blahblah..
Soo, where was I..
Ah, right... DnB mood!

Yesterday i've found a really nice russian band that blows my mind (ofc in a good way).
You can see their logo, or cover ooor whatever they call it, on the left :) The band is called "SyNoise"
I couldn't find their homepage (i guess they dont have one).
But i've found their myspace account =)

Here's one of their tracks that i found on youtube
Synoise - Starlight

Really talented guys with incredible sense of sound.. if it's possible to say that way :)
Well that's my opinion.
Feel free to have your own :D And ofc to share it with me by commenting this post ! :)


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fucked up weekend

Oh my god, why ??
Whyy??? Why me?
Sickness took over me when i didnt expect it! Gooosh=(
Friday night with all my ambitious plans were totally fucked up!
Body temperature was approximately 39 and ofc i decided to stay home. Now i feel much better that makes me proud of myself =) Coz i've cured(at least i hope so) myself without my mommies help, in a very short period of time =))))
Living apart from my parents makes me a True Man :D Oh yeah!
By the way, balance surely took place in that "Fridays fail situation", coz my friends told me that the party, where we decided to go, totally suck =)) Or maybe if i were there, the party could be much better, eh? =)) And if not, then my little angel that lives inside me can make me avoid spending my precious time on "shit" by making me sick :D Both options are good for me =)

Say "good night for me" now!
With sick love, Darky da big boy :D

Friday, September 11, 2009

Omg!! He's back?!

Hello my little, forgotten diary!
It's me again!
Duh.. why? wtf? You gonna surely ask :)
And it will take a long time to think over your question, coz.. damn.. i dont even know the answer :D

Long time no see :) Hihihi. Righty!
Last post had a picture of me.. well, i'm gonna tell you that i've totally changed my style and my attitude to everything that is happening around me :) Mby b'coz i had my 20th birthday recently... mby not :)
Also there are some major changes in my life:
  • I've quitted my job
  • I moved from my parents flat to my own rented flat
  • I'm now studying IT in the capital of Estonia, which means that i've changed
    my location
  • New town, new relationships.. new clubs.. everything seems soo nice
  • Also i'd add that i've bought pretty powerful laptop Acer Aspire
  • I stopped playing q3.. dunno why.. it's not only about time.. but it seems
    that i'll be fucking back. If not.. then mby Quake Live ? Huh?
  • Ofcourse the list could be much bigger, but why da hack should i continue :D
I dont know about my further plans and activity on this diary.. Mby i'll continue "shitting" my thoughts and about my life here, mby not.. Also i had thoughts to make it private.. well.. the time will show everything.. But for now.. i'm happy to write in here :)
Okay-dokay.. it's time to say goodbye diary!
Bye, bye! Hope we'll meet soon ;)
PS. Pic of my new laptop is clickable (more photos and specifications)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Empty post

It's just an empty post with my photography.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Just another cruel day

A nice chilly weather with a sun shining on a melting snow that makes you feel like you're in the heaven.
Everything was so dangerously bright that it was possible to get blind :)
Now the horror part coming :) Everyone who's under 18 and have unstable mentality please close your browser :)
In my way to work I've met 2 little boys (10-13 years old) that were playing around with a snow and with..
a dead crow.. i was like o_O
Mby that poor crow was alive before one of the boys made a finishing hit. That was very cruel. He held the
crow for a wing and... nah, i better stop it.

Where does it come from ?
I mean the cruelty in a little boys heart.
If i were one of theirs parents i would kill both of these 'non-humans' and then i would make a suicide :)
Coz there should be no place for these kind of people !